Donald Fatobene
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Gourmet kitchen, rear deck and more!
$148,900MLS: 3788833Tour: 55865
Address: 7928 Castle Rock Dr NE, Warren, OH
3 bed, 1 bath home with enclosed rear patio
$28,500MLS: 3795044Tour: 55861
Address: 724 Kenilworth NE, Warren, OH
3 fireplaces and room galorre
$79,900MLS: 3786476Tour: 55860
Address: 3153 Reeves Rd, Warren, OH
2 bed, 1 bath home with rear deck
$39,000MLS: 37966667Tour: 55717
Address: 226 Meadowbrook, Warren, OH
3 bedroom home with enclosed patio and sunroom
$10,000MLS: 3794418Tour: 55585
Address: 487 York NW, Warren, OH