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Living the Italian Dream
$530,000Tour: 50011
Address: Amelia
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Let us begin by highlighting some of the joys of living here. Warm friendships with neighbors, both Italians and foreign residents. Coffee and conversation at your favorite bar. Food and wine in simple tavernas and fancy restaurants. Colorful festivals and celebrations. World-class museums and music. Easily visited tourist sites in Italy and beyond.

A change in health has forced us to move to a foggy climate and put our beloved home on the market. This offer means you too can savor life in this 19th Century farmhouse renovated with traditional materials and craftsmanship. Blending Italian country style with American conveniences, the house is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and fields of sunflowers. This welcoming home can be your primary residence, vacation hub or B&B. It’s basically move-in ready. Or you could easily make changes, as we did, to suit your own style and needs – add a bedroom or more baths, change the fixtures, redesign the gardens.

Our many visitors over the years found it a magical place. We think you will too.