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I Live Here!
I Work Here!
Let's do This!

When You Drive By a Home Would You Like to Take a Photo of that Home and Get All of the Information?

Professional Motivator ~ Type A, German & Irish, Aries with a direct Communication Style.
And No, I don't run around mumbling 'I'll be back' in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

You ask... Why am I in Real Estate?
Well, it's simple really. I was born with the "R Gene." "R Gene?" Yes, the Realtor Gene.
When sitting in Home Economics Class most of us are trying to learn about our bodies, who we are attracted to, how to take care of a family, sewing, baking bread & boiling water. I was thinking about beautiful homes! A day dreamer at best, I was never a good student..... But, when I received the letter I had to write to myself in that Home Economics Class, it clearly stated that I knew myself well. Even during adolescence, I knew I had the "R Gene" & had planned to sell beautiful homes one day!
Still today, when others are asking "Why?" I am asking "Why Not?" Motivation and Sarcasm have gotten me where I am today! P.S. If I am sarcastic to you, that means I like you!

So if you want a professional motivator, to get the job done! I am your girl! Let's do this!

Clifford Sharp —5 star
Verna is simply the best!! She is a highly motivated professional that brings a personal touch to selling or buying a home! I can't say enough great things about her! Awesome experience! Thanks again Verna!!

Wanda Cullen —5 star
I think Verna M. Campbell , is a great realtor and is the right person to help you find what your looking for !!!

Emerald LaCroix —5 star
Verna made buying our first home a wonderful experience. She is very knowledgeable and very honest. I loved the fact that she would point out the cons of a house. That showed me that she was not just trying to sell us a house, she was trying to sell us the right house. I will definitely recommend Verna to everybody!

Will Ward
August 25, 2014 at 2:55pm
Verna did a fantastic job helping us find our first home! She was always very prompt, friendly, and hard working to meet deadlines. She also made herself available VERY often to help us view homes. She actually found the home that we ended up purchasing for us. She found it and told us she recommended we look at it because she thought it was really like the type of home we wanted. We went and saw it and loved it! We highly recommend working with Verna to find your next (or first) home.